Dental Implants in Colorado Springs, CO

Our skilled dentist may recommend dental implants if you have lost teeth. Implants are the ideal option for replacing your teeth, as they replace both the roots and the crowns to restore full oral function and give you back a healthy smile. We welcome you to call Briargate Advanced Family Dental at 719-475-2511 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Peter McIntyre and find out if dental implants in Colorado Springs, Colorado, are right for you.

Regardless of how many teeth you are missing or how long you have had to live with missing teeth, our dentist can help you find a solution to restore the healthy, beauty and function to your smile. One of the most effective restorations we offer to accomplish this is dental implants. Used to replace both the cap and root of a single tooth, multiple teeth or a complete dental arch, dental implants are a versatile and stable restoration option.

The implant process begins with your implant placement, during which our dentist will set the implant post, a biocompatible screw, in your jaw at the site of the missing tooth. There is then a healing period, during which the post bonds with your natural bone in a process called osseointegration. After the post is integrated and the tissue has healed, our dentist will secure your dental restoration into place atop your implant post and abutment.

Your dental restoration will be custom-designed to meet your specific needs, and our dentist will help you decide which of our restoration options is right for you during your implant consultation. A single missing tooth may be replaced with a single dental crown while multiple missing teeth may be restored with an implant-supported bridge or denture. After examining your smile, reviewing your medical history, discussing your restoration options and helping you choose the right restoration for your smile, our dentist will create your personalized restoration to fit your smile naturally, comfortable and aesthetically.

Replacing missing teeth is an important part of maintaining a life-long smile, both for aesthetic and health reasons. Dental implants are designed to look, feel and function naturally, and our team looks forward to scheduling your consultation and helping you restore your smile. Learn more about dental implants in Colorado Springs by calling our office today.